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Integration events

An integration event in the mountains is a great way to build a company's organizational culture, a great reward for outstanding employees or an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. A business trip to the mountains can also be a combination of integration with industry training and expanding competences - we recommend our conference rooms for this purpose.

Company events in the mountains

A professionally prepared integration event is the key not only to great fun, but above all to improve the quality of cooperation of the entire team. Integration events for companies in the mountains are a great opportunity for strong ties to arise between employees, to choose a leader, stave off existing disputes in the group, or make the standard training pleasant for employees. Our Smile hotel has been organizing integration events for years. We have the knowledge, experience and facilities that will ensure great fun, relaxation and great time for a group of several dozen people.

Special offer for companies

We are aware that a well-spent integration event allows employees to achieve better results later and improves group mood. Spending time attractively builds a team full of trust, mutual respect, and allows you to reach a group that has been working together recently. It is also an opportunity to reduce stress related to daily fulfillment of duties and to motivate employees. If the integration event is extremely attractive, employees feel honored and identify with the company even more.

Why is it worth organizing an integration event in our hotel?

- We have three air-conditioned conference rooms with an area of ​​170m2, 150m2,120m2 with a stunning view of the mountains.
- The possibility of organizing an event in a climatic regional hut - this is a unique space that gives interesting opportunities in an unusual interior, in a building built in accordance with the local architectural tradition. In the middle of the spacious room is a large grill, on which the chef prepares dishes in front of the guests during the event. Inside the hut there is also a stage with sound system, making this place perfect to combine a party with a show, training or performances.
- Professional service with experience in organizing events guarantees high-level organization of meetings. We will take care of all the elements of the organized event, thanks to which our guests spend carefree time. We care about their exemplary planning and carrying out, providing individual care from the moment you send your question to the moment you leave our hotel.
- We have restaurant facilities, thanks to which we serve fresh meals of Polish, regional and European cuisine, as well as catering.
- We offer comfortable rooms with bathrooms.
- Mountain culture is our specialty, thanks to which our guests have the opportunity to get to know regional culture and music as well as local drinks and specialties.

Exceptional attractions and fun

Each integration event should be attractive to all team members. We are prepared to provide them with a pleasant and joyfully spent time in our hotel, regardless of the season and the aura of the window. Therefore, we offer first of all highlander style games, traditional dishes for the local region and outdoor stay at the foot of picturesque peaks. Our offer includes, among others, fun in a highlander's hut, where there is enough space to eat lunch, dinner or have a snack with grilled dishes and dance. Because the highlander's hut is roofed and heated, it will not stop anyone from playing rain, snow or wind. The hut has excellent sound and lighting, and a real highlander music group can make your stay more pleasant.

Theme parties

Especially for companies that want to organize an integration event at the Smile Hotel, we have prepared many different events and themed events that will make the time spent in Szczawnica unforgettable.

The integration event can take place in the form of thematic fun:

- dancing in the style of the Polish People's Republic;
- a meeting of cowboys and Indians or aliens;
- Bollywood dance party;
- the robbery robbery and the Feast of Janosikov;
- feasts and dance parties in a truly highlander style;
- integration meetings led by a music band, DJ, master of ceremonies;
- numerous additional attractions - please contact our event manager.
- Integration events in the mountains should also be combined with activities that will stimulate motivation and the spirit of healthy competition.

Natural attractions

Integration events in the mountains are not only feast at the table. The area, rich in natural attractions, is an ideal place for organizing sports competitions and spending time actively. Canoeing, climbing, rafting, cycling, winter skiing and sleigh rides are excellent proposals, among which every employee will find something for themselves.

The offer of attractions organized by the Smile Hotel includes:

- rafting down the Dunajec River;
- rafting / instruction;
- climbing classes in the Wdżar quarry;
- rides in 4x4 cars or quads;
- paintball matches;
- bus trips with a guide;
- trips to thermal pools and water parks;
- sleigh rides;
- ski trips;
- genre scenes with highlanders and robbers;
- highlander music concerts;
- team building disciplines.

A stay in a hotel in the mountains is also a great opportunity to get to know the area better. Rafting down the Dunajec River, a trip to the Three Crowns, viewing romantic castles in the Pieniny Mountains, a trip to the Homole Gorge and the Biała Woda reserve are just an excerpt from the offer we can prepare. We will combine popular integration and more original games with the free time that our guests can spend in the hotel SPA & Wellness. Relaxing treatments, baths and sauna sessions await our guests.