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Occasional Events

A view of the mountain peaks and winding river, a smell of pines, and climate of real mountain town are undoubtedly the advantages of organizing family events in mountains. Not only the inhabitants of mountainous regions of our country, but also visitors from far away can decide to organize a special event, which will have the right setting: climatic and saturated with the highlander tradition. Guests of Hotel Smile can enjoy pleasant halls, fantastic food, cozy rooms and attractions that are not found in any other region of Poland.

Organization of birthdays and anniversaries

First, eighteenth, or maybe fifty or hundredth birthdays? 50th anniversary of marriage or 30 years of professional career? Such events are unique, exceptional and worthy to celebrate. A birthday or other important jubilee is undoubtedly an opportunity to meet in a larger group, to share joy with friends and family. However, it is worth entrusting the organization of such an event to a proven team, which will provide all guests with an excellent mood. Important celebrations, which take place in the Hotel Smile, are prepared in a decorated room large enough to accommodate any number of guests. Preparation, serving meals and guest service in the hands of prepared hotel team, for which the organization of birthdays and anniversaries is a part of their daily duties, will delight solenizants, jewelers and their companions.

Baptism and communion

In the life of a family there are few such important celebrations as baptism or communion of a child. Every little person, even the one not yet fully aware of events taking place around him, deserves beautiful pictures and memories shared by his loved ones. Children experience baptism, especially First Communion very intensely and it is worthwhile for the whole family to accompany them at such a moment. The party for child prepared in a beautifully decorated room will be elegant, very stylish and filled with a pleasant atmosphere. Both children and adults can feel comfortable at the Hotel Smile, enjoy delicious food and enjoy the view of mountains. Guests who have come from far away have the opportunity to stay overnight, as the hotel has double and triple rooms. Comfortable accommodation, numerous attractions and delicious cuisine will make family celebrations memorable for a long time.

Hen and bachelor parties

Bachelor and hen parties do not have a long tradition in our country, but a loud party before the wedding is a great way to say goodbye to the state of freedom in the presence of your closest friends. Crazy hen and bachelor nights can last all night long. The hotel staff will provide great food and drinks, but also comfortable accommodation, or additional attractions in the form of highlander band company. For those interested there is a possibility to rent a highlander’s hut, i.e. a heated, climatic, roofed cottage, where you can spend time at the barbecue, eat lunch and feast for many hours in a family, friendly atmosphere. In the mountain hut you can feel at home and taste local delicacies.

Ladies who want to take care of their bodies during the hen party can use the SPA & Wellness centre of Hotel Smile, which provides relaxing and beautifying treatments for face and body. This way of spending a hen party is very attractive and brings a lot of joy.

Comprehensive catering service

Every special event in the mountains sharpens appetites and requires the hotel and restaurant staff to engage and serve the most delicious dishes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, hot and cold meals, polish and regional, traditional highlander delicacies are the strengths of our hotel. When organizing a hen or bachelor party, communion, baptism, birthday or jubilee you can take advantage of the catering offer. All served dishes are prepared by experienced chefs, with the highest quality, fresh ingredients. They not only alleviate hunger, but also bring closer the most wonderful tastes and aromas from the Polish mountains.