Regional shelter rental

A family meeting in the mountains can take place in beautiful scenery, under the roof and with the possibility of eating a delicious meal. All you need to do is to rent a regional mountain hut, an ideal place for highlander, climatic dinner.

Tasty grill in the mountains

In the mountains everything tastes better. Clean air filled with a scent of pines, noise of a stream, and kilometers of trails, whet your appetite. Highland cuisine is distinguished by the unique taste of local cheeses or meats. In the forest, mountain chalet equipped with a barbecue area, you can prepare the most delicious dishes and taste the most delicious local drinks.

Ideal for family meetings

The chalet is fully roofed and heated, so no matter what the weather conditions are and what is the time of year, because you can spend the whole evening and night there or spend long evenings for family meetings. In addition, the mountain cottage has lighting and sound system, which is conducive to long meetings with local music and fun.