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Regional shelter rental

A family meeting in the mountains can take place in a beautiful scenery, under the roof and with the possibility of eating a tasty meal. You only need to rent a regional mountain hut, an ideal place for a highlander climate dinner. Specially prepared regional decor and atmosphere mean that the space encourages the celebration of important events - engagement, birth, birth of a child or anniversary.

Highlander party

The regional hut is an ideal place for all our guests who dream of experiencing a truly highlander event. It is an original idea for celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding or just a joint celebration of time with family and friends. It is also a great place for an unforgettable integration event or meeting with contractors. Regardless of the occasion and type of celebration, highlander feast is a perfect springboard from conventional meetings. The event in a regional hut in the charming Szczawnica will surprise guests, and the traditions and delicacies of the region will be remembered for a long time. In the hut, in addition to space for comfortable eating, there is also a place to dance. The musical setting can take care of a real highlander music group, which in combination with the sound and lighting system creates an amazing atmosphere. The unique arrangement was created from a combination of decor, music and regional cuisine that makes the organization of a meeting regional hut event is not only a feast for the body, but also for the spirit. The hall has its own stage, making it a perfect place to combine a joint feast with a show, training or presentation. In the middle of our highlander's hut there is a large grill on which the chef prepares dishes live during the party, which always impresses guests and stimulates the appetite.

The regional hut in Szczawnica offers everything necessary to organize an unforgettable event:

- A few roomy tables to enjoy a meal and fun in a large group
- Regional decor, thanks to which you can feel a truly highlander climate, lighting and sound system to create a festive atmosphere.
- BBQ area and dishes prepared in front of guests
- Highlander's, regional cuisine at its best, with unique local cheeses and meats.
- Roofing and heating, so that the meeting can last until late at night regardless of weather conditions and season.

Tasty barbecue in the mountains

Everything tastes better in the mountains. Clean air filled with the smell of pine trees, the sound of the stream, and in addition kilometers of routes traveled, whet your appetite.