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The Hotel Smile is located on the southern slope of Wysoka Mountain and overlooking the Dunajec River. It is fabulous scenery that can charm not only the young couple, but also all wedding guests. That’s why so many newlyweds choose a hotel in the mountains for their wedding reception, which is the beginning of a new, full of love, shared path. A wedding and ceremony in the mountains is an offer not only for Szczawnica residents and the surrounding area, but also for those who dream of spending the most important day in their lives in beautiful landscapes, and come from other regions of our country.

Exceptional mountain climate

In the Polish mountains you can count on the sun, beautiful views and exceptional air saturated with a scent of pines at any time of the year. Regardless of the season, massive peaks, wooded mountain slopes and snowy trails look charming, which always arouse admiration. In the mountains you can find an opportunity for reflection, rest, but also for physical exercise, which cleanses your mind. It is also a great place to have fun all night long and make far-reaching plans for living with another person.

Highlander weddings are famous for their splendor; they are valued for cultivating centuries-old tradition and beautiful rituals, which are not found in any other region of the world. Highlander wedding can be attended not only by people who still remember and pass on from generation to generation the living tradition of lavish and multi-day weddings. It is also an idea for a wedding for people who visit the mountains from time to time, but who love the wooden cottages, rich and tasty cuisine and the hard, tenacious and yet friendly character of the region’s inhabitants. A wedding and ceremony in the mountains is an opportunity to get to know the local rituals or to cultivate own, but truly mountain scenery. In spring and summer you will enjoy the greenery, scent of herbs and flowers, walks in the surrounding area or on the banks of Dunajec River, while in winter you can feast by the bonfire, go skiing or go sleigh rides. Autumn, on the other hand, is a period of peace and reflection, especially when the mountain forests delight with their colors. A wedding in the mountains enchants with beauty at any time of the year.

Tasty cuisine and professional service

At the Hotel Smile we know that wedding and ceremony is one of the most important events in life. It requires an appropriate setting, including above all a lavish party, where delicious cuisine prepared and served by professional staff will reign. Only in such conditions all guests can have fun until the morning or even for many days. Among the proposed dishes for a wedding in our hotel there is no shortage of these truly highlander dishes: kwaśnica, dishes with oscypek and bunc, as well as the best śliwowica. We can also prepare international dishes and other popular and beloved during long, dance events. Everything will be served on time, on elegant tableware, and the best culinary specialists will supervise the work of kitchen. With such service young couples and guests have nothing left to do but carefree fun. When choosing a hotel for wedding, it is worth to be guided by its cozy appearance and many years of employees’ experience.

Tasteful wedding hall

Snow-white tablecloths and covers, beautiful chairs, unique floral decorations are extremely important elements of the tasteful wedding hall of our mountain hotel. Spacious interiors decorated with taste allow you to have fun in a large group. From the windows of this hall there are views of beautiful Pieniny, enchanting at any time of the year. The advantage of wedding hall in the Hotel Smile is also an excellent sound system and the possibility of using the services of chieftain and the musical setting of wedding reception.

An unquestionable advantage of renting a hall for wedding in the mountains is the ability to provide all participants with comfortable accommodation. There are cozy rooms for couples and families, where you can stay even for a few days and enjoy the mountain landscapes. A wedding in the mountains can be an opportunity to get to know the local cuisine, to go for walks on the trails or even skiing.