For our clients we have prepared a whole range of treatments in the field of biological regeneration, which will surely ensure a valuable rest, and above all a whole new start for the body and soul. Among them there will be a number of rejuvenating and relaxing treatments, body, face, hands and foot treatments, relaxation massages, and even a specially selected series of slimming treatments. In our SPA we use high-class devices, cosmetics and preparations based on natural ingredients as well as knowledge and skills of professionals in the field of cosmetology, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine. Smile SPA is undoubtedly a place where it is worth spending a few days to leave, as a changed person, with a supply of new life energy.


Body treatments


For our thirsty rest guests have prepared a whole range of relaxation treatments that will certainly allow for a moment of forgetfulness and regeneration and housing of the body. The choice is really big, because there is a sauna, a steam bath, a hot tub and various types of relaxation massages.



Muscle stimulation with impulse electric current. This treatment induces a controlled muscle
contraction with the omission of part or all of the nervous system responsible for contraction
under normal conditions.

Therapeutic effects:

It is widely used in neurological diseases, when the conduction of nerve impulses to the
muscles is disturbed. Improvement of muscle strength, blood circulation

 muscle weakness
 partial damage to peripheral nerves
 muscle atrophy
 secondary effect of flaccid muscle injuries}

Ultrasounds induce longitudinal mechanical waves, which cause pressure changes. Vibrations
in soft tissues cause increased temperature and accelerated microcirculation.

Therapeutic effects:

Intended use: relaxing, analgesic, improvement of microcirculation, increased elasticity of
collagen fibers, reduction of muscle tension, acceleration of healing, regeneration, increased
mobility of joints.

• muscle pains
• ankylosing spondylitis
• chronic rheumatic diseases in periods free from acute inflammatory conditions
• arthroses
• periarticular inflammations
• diseases of tendons and muscle trailers
 contractures
 scars
 post-traumatic complaints

 calcaneal spurs}

Mud wraps
Mud plasters are used for local wraps. Mud is a kind of medicinal peat with specific
physicochemical properties. Therapeutic factors are estrogenic bodies, humic acids, vitamins,
proteins, resins, waxes and tannins.

Therapeutic effects:

Mud has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, warming up, relaxing tissues, improves blood

• sciatica
• recovery period after injury or surgery
• joint degeneration
• stiffening arthritis
• paralyses
• appendicitis, uterus
• ovarian adhesions
• neuralgia
• inflammatory liver diseases
 stomach diseases}

Point bio-stimulation laser

This treatment consists in precise radiation of tissues with the use of laser light with bio-
stimulation parameters.

Therapeutic effects:

Pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous, bio-regenerative, accelerating healing;
used in sports rheumatology, dentistry, dermatology, medical cosmetics

• spinal pain syndromes degenerative joint diseases
• chronic nerve inflammations
• difficult-healing wounds
• postoperative scars
• ulcerative
• tendonitis
• acute and chronic nephritis of the Achilles tendon
• joint twists
• back pain syndrome
• bone fractures
• painful elbow syndrome
• root pains and neuralgia
• muscle contractions}

Iontophoresis is a good method of treating many diseases. First of all, it enables to use very
strong doses of drug. It is advantageous that the gastrointestinal tract and, above all, the
stomach do not participate in its absorption. Secondly, the healing effect of current itself is
already therapeutic.

• for difficult union of fractured bones, vasomotor disorders, laryngitis – calcium
• for scars, cicatricial contractures – iodine
• for neuralgia – procaine (lignocaine)
• in case of inflammation of skin, soft tissues, small joints – hydrocortisone
• for difficult-to-heal ulcers, nail yeast – zinc
• in case of injuries, especially in athletes – voltaren gels (new method)
• eye inflammation – calcium with hydrocortisone (seals the walls of vessels and has an
anti-inflammatory effect) wet wrap is placed on the eye, thanks to which the drug
effect is much faster than drops or pills}

TENS electrostimulation is a clinically proven, non-invasive and non-pharmacological
analgesic therapy. It is widely used to relieve both chronic and acute pain.

• cervical spinal pains
• postoperative pains
• pains after amputations
• chronic pains in muscles and joints
• phantom pains
• tendonitis
• herpes
• neck pains
• fracture pains
• pains in tennis elbow syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome

• other neurogenic pains (TENS impacts or high frequency pulses)}