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20 - 55 min / 90 - 140 zł

Massage of a selected part of muscles or the whole body with the use of lotion: cranberry, chocolate, bamboo and oils with a scent of marigold, mint, sandalwood,
coconut oil, shea butter.

20  min - 90,00 zł

55 min - 140,00 zł

A kind of therapeutic massage; it improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and stimulates tissues. It is suitable for all busy and tired people.

20 - 55 min / 90 - 160 zł

Ideal for a tired and stressed body – performed with warm stones of volcanic origin.


20 min - 90,00 zł

55 min - 160,00 zł

20 - 55 min / 100 - 160 zł

Warm and aromatic candle oil combined with relaxation massage techniques brings a state of deep relaxation and relief.


20 min - 100 zł

55 min - 160 zł

20 min / 80 zł

Individually adapted to our needs in order to prepare muscles for physical activity or as regeneration after exercise

Stimulation of specific reflex points and zones on the feet corresponding to particular organs.

15 min / 60 zł

The most natural and relaxing method of fighting the skin aging; improves blood circulation, firms and smoothes the skin.

20 min / 99 zł

Recommended for chronic spinal pain. Massage covers the spine and shoulder girdle.

Sessions in a bath with hydro-massage

* Each session starts with a whole body scrub

30 min / Od 40 zł

1 person: 30min/40,00 zł | 60min/60,00 zł

2 persons: 30min/60,00 zł | 60min/80,00 zł

Aphrodite bath – the treatment begins with a body peeling, the bath provides the skin with
valuable proteins, B vitamins, calcium and other mineral components. After such a bath, the
skin is properly nourished, delicate and soft to the touch. It prepares the skin for massage and
other body treatments.

60 min / From 110 zł

60 minutes 110,00 zł/1 person | 160,00 zł/2 persons

Based on goat’s cosmetic milk; it provides the skin with valuable proteins, B vitamins, calcium and other minerals. After the bath, your skin will be nourished, delicate and soft to the touch.

60 min / From 20 zł

1 person – 20,00 zł/h

2 persons – 40,00 zł/h

4 persons – 60,00 zł/h

60 min | 80,00 zł / 1person

Free for hotel guests.

60 min / From 100zł

60 minutes 100,00 zł/1 person | 140,00 zł/2 persons

Refreshing, energizing and full of vitamins bath with the smell of grapefruit and mandarin. Time spent in a bath with effervescent water and relaxing music relaxes the body and mind.

60 min / From 100 zł

60 minutes 100,00 zł/1 person | 140,00 zł/2 persons

Natural bath preparation with the forest scent of needles supports skin regeneration. It brings a state of tranquility and relaxation. The formula of cosmetic used in the bath contains mud extract, which helps to regenerate the epidermis, has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces irritation.

60 min / From 100 zł

60 minutes 100,00 zł/ 1 person | 140,00 zł/2 person

Aromatic bath with blossoming rose’s aroma. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, strengthens blood vessels and soothes irritations. The bath is an exceptionally relaxing ritual.

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